Is it to late....?

So iam 5 weeks into a grow and was planning on switching to flower in a week or two…Thing is i have 5 plants, only wanted 4 but i kept the extra to experiment kinda cuzz it was a runt , well i started LST in like week 2 and this thing has more bud sites and is bushier then its sisters and has become one of the top contenders.
There all in 3 gal. Smart pots and this one even had less soil then the rest cuzz i use what was left so its 3-4" low.

Can or should it be transplanted into a bigger pot with more soil or should i let it go like it is , if its starting to so signs of wanting to flower .


Are the Autoflowering? @Ky2high

Not this particular one of is a FEM master knockout.

5 gallon pot is the recommended for photoperiods indoors. larger outside. @Ky2high

Do it gently and without delay if she is starting to flower she isn’t going to like being transplanted. Do it very gently and you will be ok.

Thx @bob31 , heres an early pic of her and ill update you with a new one when lights are on…lol…



The whole gang looks great @Ky2high

I was gonna lookup that strain on leafly, but it isn’t listed.

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@Ky2high You could leave her in the pot and grow a little and then top off with soil when she grows a bit above the pot :+1::v: