Is it to late to plant again outdoors in

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

,im growing in so.cali.and my plants are only 4 weeks seems to be flowering already??? its only 6" tall…odd I know…thw weather has been weird hot one week then old for a week then hot again,what I need to know is what should I do to my plants??? top them? let them grow? what do you think… is it to late to plant again outdoors in
thank you in advance

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Id say you can still plant out doors if you wanted
Cali has a longer season then some of the other regions so youll be fine
What strains are you growing are they autos or photos ?
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Absolutely agree with county join and share you have time but drop them new beans soon

This is the best time to plant outside in Southern California. You’ll have three months to veg before they flower. Get those seeds in the your pots now, or go buy some clones. Some dispensaries sell them. Call around to see what strains you can get. Cloth pots are best. Hydroponics shops have them and everything else you need.

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Heck, you’re just now hitting peak season. Get them in the pots and then outside. The June Gloom is a great time to harden them to the outdoors .