Is it to late to LST these plants

Is it to late to try and tie these plants down. They are photoperiods i want to try and start leveling the canopy.

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Never too late for lady training or trimming.

This RE-veging lady, is still a flowering lady, last night got a trim, thin, and training.

Had to remove these buds, to open flow.

Good growing to you.

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Many growers continue to LST even a few weeks into flowering. I don’t do a whole lot of training to my plants. I limit it to what is necessary to improve airflow and light penetration. I stop training once the stretch is over the 4th(ish) week of flowering.


Bend them and spread them

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Train away!



Looks good man

J like to hit the LSTing pretty hard and aim for a wider plant than tall.

Come the end of the season I end up with a pretty large canary space. Over time you can train the plant to look and grow how you prefer.

The end result is always to aim for a better year than the last. Growing the plant but also growing yourself.

Happy farming…


Beautiful looking plants man!

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Beautiful garden!!! Well done!!

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Wowza. Nice forest of ladies.