Is it to Harvesting

Hey All Knowing Group!
Newbie question is it time to harvest? Thank you for help!

barely started flowering good. long time yet…

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When all those white pistils turn brown you can start checking the trichomes with a microscope. For now, you’ve got weeks left.

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Just as everyone else is saying, it’s still young. I’d say you have four weeks left until harvest. When you see the pistils turning brown, and get a much more potent aroma when the sun is coming up

Fun fact: Terpenes are most potent right before Dawn or the beginning of your light cycle. This is because they build up during the dark period making the aroma much more pungent. While during the day, light and heat degrade the terpenes causing the odor to not be as strong!

Once you see that, get something to increase the magnification so you can see the trichomes in a clear manner. I’ve seen people use Jewelers Scopes, Rifle Scopes, I personally use a kid’s toy called a cyclop’s eye that plugs into your tv and has a 200x magnification on it so I can see everything deep in there. It’s really beautiful btw. But once you see the trichomes become cloudy and some starting to turn amber is when it will be time to harvest.


Thank you very much for this in-depth explanation💚

What to look for when checking your trichomes on buds

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I agree with the above posts