Is it time..? 🤩

Okay guys, so first time grower here,! My WW Autoflower is now just over 10 weeks in the dirt, and I think it might be time to harvest?? And if it is, how do I do it? Aha. Please help ! the trich pics are from the lowest buds, middle buds and up to the top of the highest cola


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Welcome to the community @CoolTtheWiz

She is in her high potential THC
If you want euphoric hit is the moment

Happy growing congratulations :metal:


great job and congrats, I hope mine look this good.


Yippie! Happy Harvest


How long has she been in flower? I grow WW photoperiod and harvest around 8 weeks for a racy high and 10-11 for my sleep and pain meds.

A Complete Guide on When to Harvest Hemp


Wow! Very nice! :smiley:

She has been in flower for 6 weeks now. And she is an autoflower:]

Its OK… I just harvested an auto flower gg in week 15 (I think without checking my journal) and that was supposed to be an 8 week strain… autos do what they want!
Just be patient… she’ll reward you! :blush:

What a Beauty! I’m still new to growing but I think autos should be anywhere from 6-8 weeks of flower depending on strains i see your trichomes are milky white and see some amber I would say she is ready

She has at least a few more weeks. My first auto was WW. I only do photoperiods now…

So I’m seeing a few people saying she’s ready, a couple of you saying a few weeks … can we clear this up? Lol

Nice grow!

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If that is your first grow? Wow, that is unreal :ok_hand:

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I would say ur very close i see alot of cloudy trichomes and i see some amber ones i would say one more week thats just my opinion thou see what the other members think aswell


I wouldn’t chop it yet and I don’t like to much couch lock :metal:
Beautiful plant :heart_eyes:


That’s amazing for your first grow! :+1::+1:
If you want a energetic high then it’s close to chop time. But if you want couch lock give it a another week or so to get more amber trichs. :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:


She looks to be right where I like mine. I don’t want too much couch-lock, and prefer the more intense THC “euphoria”.


Thank you everyone for all of your input! And yeah this is my very first grow( of anything ever) lol I have decided to give her one more plain watering for a flush, let her dry up and then give her the clip! :star_struck: I love the energized buzz and flavor of cloudy ☆☆ she smells like a tropical island :desert_island: I’ll post pics/update after the chop :]

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All cloudy, can wait for a little amber or harvest now.

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