Is it time to trim and flip?

What and how much should I trim and when should I flip to flower?
Gold Leaf Femmes-7 weeks veg


Personally I’d just trim where leaves are blocking light from bud sights or air flow. You can do more defol if you want, just don’t take more than 20% of fans at once. I do a pretty major defoliation on day 21 and day 42 of flower. Other than that I just do a little here and there for light and air flow.

At seven weeks you can definitely flip to flowering whenever you want. Expect the plants to stretch to about twice the height they are now. Those are some nice looking ladies. Good luck going forward.


Awesome, thanks Outlaw! I definitely need to switch now then because my little 3x3 tent is rapidly shrinking. haha

7 weeks veg works fine. I would clean up around the bottom of plant a bit. Plant looks to have good air flow. Nice plant Welcome to the community !


I clean out the bottom before flip. Also clean up center and remove unwanted mini buds. What are you going to do with the main stem when it grows a foot taller than the rest of the plant? You may want to find a home for it now and super crop.


Super crop? Can you enlighten me please?


Last pic is how she ended up.

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Yes! That’s what I want to do. I have a second tier to the a rig that will go on tonight before lights out. I set the timer to 12/12 starting tonight so yeeha

That was my last grow.

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I dropped a net in her right after suppercropping.


a couple more examples
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Geez. Can’t believe I forgot to mention lollipopping. Gonna have to stop getting on here in the middle of the night. :+1:


After flipping the light schedule, about how long before she starts to flower?

In my expierance it takes about 10 days (give or take)

Cool. Anxious to see her bloom