Is it time to transplant?

Do y’all think it’s time to transplant?

Yes, definitely time to transplant.


I transplanted and I think this came from the soil

Yuck! I hope it was dead when you found it.

It was alive! But only found 1 soil hoping it’s not a problem

Hehe. Excellent choice of starter pot.

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If you plant seed in a clear plastic cup, you can watch the root growth. Once it hits bottom and is growing up the sides…it’s time to transplant.

Your plant is overdue by at least a week.


Remember you don’t have to wait to the last second to transplant either, in fact, when you do wait to the last second you run a bigger risk of stressing roots.

Is that strain chicken, or beef? I’m dying @PurpNGold74 :joy:

Looking good, ready to pot up, and the cotyledons are telling us she (:crossed_fingers:) is ready for food. When you transplant, if she’s going into a medium without fertilizers/nutrients, she’s ready for a light dose, maybe 1/4 strength at first.