Is it time to transplant and when do you put on the LED’s flower light on

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

White rhino plants. Is it time to transplant and when do you put on the LED’s flower light on. I am a beginner grower and need help


They look great! I’d say you’re off to a good start. All the help you could ask for is available on the forum here. You should join us, and tell us more about your grow! Lots of friendly folks will hop on board and help you along the way. You can’t beat it.

As far as your lights go, I run both switches (I’m assuming you have veg and bloom) on throughout the grow. This is assuming your plants can handle the intensity your lights provide.

You can transplant once the leaves start to grow over the sides of the container. Don’t worry though, they don’t look root bound or anything, you have time. I actually wait to see roots poking out the bottom. Do you have good drainage in the cups? Make sure you poke/cut/melt some holes in the bottom of the cups.

If they’re autos, you’ll want to consider transplanting directly into their final pot, as opposed to potting up through several different sized pots, to avoid stunting them with any shock. :v:


As @elheffe707 has said. Come join us here and i’m sure this will become your second home for sure.
@elheffe702 has you all set so i’m off to help others. ans your plants look very nice and healthy. thumb

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@elheffe702 hi could you please direct me to a brand of light that will be good for the veg to flower? i am getting no where in my yeld. thankyou lisa

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Most bang for your buck I’m seeing around here is the Quantum Board kits from horticulture lighting group. @dbrn32 is the go to lighting guy here.

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Hlg stuff really good. If you’re looking for alternatives, something from timber grow lights or cmh.

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