Is it Time to Transition?

I changed out my DWC this week, and the new system sits a lot taller than the old one. I measured the top of the system to the lights set at their highest level and I have a total distance of 36" she can grow. She’s currently 16" which means, from my understanding, she has about 2" left before I should flip to flower. I posted a picture. Let me know what you all think; is she ready to move to flower soon?


Here is a perfect application of a SCROG.

Outside for photographic purposes:
Game Changer, female at 5 1/2 months. Ready for harvest. 402 grams dried in jars.

That plant was 34" high at harvest.

Screen measures 22" X 36".


That looks amazing and I will definitely try this next time through. I have the scrog netting but since this is the first grow I’ve ever done so I wanted to keep it pretty basic.

When you say she has 36" she can grow do you mean she’s currently 36" inches from the light with it at max height?

If so, you’re going to have to flower soon or find some way to create more distance (or both). She’ll probably come real close to doubling in height when she flowers.

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You can gain 5-6 inches by removing the adjusting ropes and just hooking straight to some fastener…oh nvm I see that tubing is in the way.

From the top of the DWC site to the light at its highest point, there are 36 inches. The plant is currently 16 inches so there are 20 inches left of height for her to grow.

Sounds like you’re going to have to LST or figure out a way to get your lights higher. She’s going to end up around 30" or more even if you flower her right now.

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Ok, I moved the lights higher and was able to get about 48 inches from DWC to lights. She’s currently 16 inches so that leaves 32 inches of room she still has she can grow.

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So I should probably transition it this weekend?

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Flip now. … lol they will stretch. You can count on them drinking about a gallon per day for one plant. I’ll show you soon as my lights come on. I’m 3 weeks into the transition.
If you set up a scrog you can use your space wisely and help keep them lower.

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Definitely going to next time. This is my first grow so I’m trying to keep very basic until I get the nutrients down, the system configured the right way, etc. Next grow I’ll be able to focus on trying to get a really nice yield…this time, I’m just trying to make sure she doesn’t die. :grinning:


What kind or brand nutes are you using?

All outta likes again, but @spyonyou is right on the money, imo. They’re gonna loooooooove those lights for the little bit of time they get them. My northern lights basically doubled by early early flower. Just barely getting buttons early.

Even if you don’t feel ready to scrog, you might try some LST. It’s simple and relatively painless. :smile: And it can work wonders for your lower colas.


Ok, lights are on.

This is 7-17
Plants and screen is 10” from totes

Almost 3 weeks.

Average on height Plant on the right is about 28”
They will stretch.


General Hydroponics this time. I have Fox Farm to try next.

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Wow. They look great.

to follow up I switched to 12/12 last night and I am about to drain the water and switch to the transition dose.

Thanks everyone for the input.


In this application, are you using the screen more for guidance and separation rather than tucking or weaving?
Interested as I will be running a scrog over plants that have been tied and trained to horizontal.
It’s my first grow - struggling to get my head around horizontal stretch actually being vertical.
At what height should I set my net?
Thanks in advance.

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Just curious if anyone has an opinion (I know, I know, everyone has an opinion these days :slight_smile: ) On GH vs. Fox. I changed from GH because I heard they were bought by Monsanto, so in my attempt not to support Monsanto, I changed to FF.

Scott’s owns General Hydroponics

FF nutrients are probably the most expensive line available and requires flushing to remove salt buildup. GH went to space!

The nutrient line that everyone is interested in right now is ‘Jack’s 3-2-1’.

Normally you would slam the screen down on the plant and spread out over the screen which allows previously horizontal nodes to become vertical; creating a bunch of new tops. I go under the screen and use each cell of the screen to hold one top. So to answer your question I do both depending on age of plant. It’s pretty much inevitable the plant will stretch in the screen and I’ve seen growers use a double screen to support all of the tops. I built my SCROG to be adjustable so I can cheat it up a bit to support plant better.

Best to have enough height that you can get underneath the plant to do maintenance and if in media you need to have room to water.

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Yes, height is my challenge - because they are so tied down. And because they are tied down, I don’t know how much ‘stretch’ upwards to expect. I can’t imagine it is the same as a plant left vertical - even if topped. I have plenty of space - so I’m not concerned - just wondered and didn’t want to try and screen it too late.
I like yours screens - very trick! Been thinking of ways to incorporate at a later date. :v:

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