Is it time to start topping my girl?

So my girls are 28 days old. A couple of my big huge leaves are blocking my younger leaves from sunlight so the last couple days they haven’t really grown. Can I cut them off? How should I go about doing it? Should I break from the bottom of the stem, or just break that leaf? HELP!

also why are the tips of my leaves so dark while the inside is light green?

Id leave it be. Use the KISS approach. The inner new growth is always ligjter than the mature leaf. They grow from the center out. It looks really good.

Photo or auto? You can always LST for more light and airflow to lower parts of your plant. And the inside is a lighter green because its newer growth, that’s all.

I believe it’s photo but not 100

Then you can top. Even if it’s an auto you can. But a lot say not to. It did good for my ak though. I also lst though.