Is it time to start feeding again

Currently in week 8 of my current auto run - 3 jack h and one bubble gum from ilgm.
Ffof and happy frog mix
P2500 and philzon “1000w”
Fox farms trio + cal mag
Ph water and nutrients to 6.2-6.5

My run off ppm was in the 2200+ range

After 2 plain ph watering and one with cal mag
I have now come down to around 1340-1400 on all but one jack h that s at 1950

Should i start back with the nutrients at this point?

And should i be watering with cal mag once a week or alternate between feedings?

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I think you can probably go with another watering or feeding at reduced strength.

So tiger bloom and big bloom at 1/8 or 1/4 strength?

Should i be watering with cal mag once a week or in between each feeding

When did it become in between feeding from during feeding? I always feed cal mag with my other nutes

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I have wondered this myself- i am pretty new so just trying to find what works best for my situation

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Feed it with your nutes and water only in between, that’s how it’s supposed to be done

10-4 - would you think its time to start back on the nutrients or continue with plain water

When I used FF Trio the recommended schedule (by this forum) was feed - water - feed. On water days is when other supplements like cal-mag and Si were added. I do not know if that is the case with other nutrients. One reason is not to over top PPM ceiling

This is about what i was told as well - was told to keep the nutrient ppm under 800 to avoid burning autos

Some of the fan leaves i pulled of this morning