Is it time to harvest?!

I’m planning to wait 3 more days in darkness before chopping…

Train wreck auto
Day 78 from sprout

Trichromes are clear, cloudy, and some have amber.
Pistils appear to be 70% brown.
I’m looking for a sativa uplifting feeling, but still real strong effects too, and want to avoid CBN.


Looks about right for Trainwreck @Jwit84. I personally like milky with 10-20% amber for Trainwreck. Anything else will put you to sleep.

Great, thanks for confirming! this is my first grow and your input definitely helps!

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Looks ready to me. Very nice buds.

Those are some beefy buds. :blush::v:

Looks ready to me… in fact, I see a tiny bit of fox-tailing going on so I’d chop her and not pay attention to any white pistils you see.