Is it time to harvest these?


I’m seeing some amber trichomes as well as some clear and some milky. Hard to get good pics because all I have is a lense for my phone. She is about 74 days old. What do you think?

Strain: WW auto
Medium: Soil
Lights: 900-w LCD,



My opinion…Not quite ready. I see a lot of clear trichs in the 2nd pic. I’d say another week or so? Keep checking those trichomes


Its up to how you want your high?? More amber the stronger



I agree with @bluntley420 and here is a pic’s to go by

th (5)

th (5)







Thanks for the pics. So the bottom pic shows all amber trichomes. You’re not supposed to wait until they’re all amber, right?


@JuliaBelle if you put up one photo in your post we can zoom in.


@JuliaBelle If you waited for all trichomes to turn amber, you would have yourself the world’s strongest sleep medicine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You want about 10-20% of that last pic’s trichomes to be amber and the rest should be creamy/cloudy white (like plastic), not clear like glass.


Here’s a pic I took today. I’m seeing some amber trichomes but the rest look clear to me.


Do you have anything to see them up closer @JuliaBelle? Like a microscope? Hard to tell by looking at the pic.


I think this chart explains it well. Here is the link to ILGM’s page where that and other great information is located.


I really don’t want to have to spend much more for more equipment, but I ordered a microscope and should get it today. We’ll see - hope it’s better than the phone lenses. However, I won’t be able to take any photos with it.


I think those cost $10-$15 and will be worth every penny :slight_smile: