Is it time to Harvest Sour Diesel?

I am not sure if it is time to harvest. This is Sour Diesel and it has been grown indoor and outdoors on sunny days. I look close to harvest time in my eyes - but I have never done this before so ANY advice would be appreciated.

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No…not yet. You still have white colored pistils. You probably have over 4 weeks to go. :+1:


Thanks…@MrPeat. Do you have a pick of what it should look like? I google search and the pics I see are very confusing.

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I don’t have a picture but this one would be close to harvest.

All the pistils will be a orange brownish color. They will also stsrt sucking into the flowers.

Also invest $10 into a Jeweler loupe on Amazon. A 30x and 60x magnification will show you how the trichomes look. This is the key factor when determining if the plant is ready or not. :+1:


Ok… to me…, it really looks like it’s time now. There has been a definite change in color of the white dots on the leaves. They are no longer bright white.

Do you have a pic of the hole plant. From these pic’s still a lot of white pistils

We have thunderstorms coming through and the lighting from the inside lamp will be hard to tell. Can you please check this thread tomorrow and I will be sure to upload a pic of the whole plant from outside?

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OK will do. Be safe

He is a top-down. Should I not want to harvest when its 60% brown? You can also see that the larger leaves without buds are turning light yellow now and dying.

Hey @Curious. Looking good!

Lots of white pistils. I think you could do with a few to several more weeks depending on your desired effects.

Maybe this can help:

Almost there. Finishing is hard as we beginners get a little impatient and anxious, at least that is how I feel. I am a few weeks ahead of you as most hairs are brown, but trichomes are mostly clear.

Keep posted. :call_me_hand:t3: