Is it time to Harvest? Any help is appreciated!

Hey all –

First time growing. Judging off of past threads I believe I have another ~3 weeks before harvest, but it’s quite tough for me to tell.

Any help would be appreciated!

I have two plants, one is in a much bigger pot. The other plant is nowhere near ready to be harvested. Just started to flower last week. I am growing in my living room without a tent.


It will bulk up and add more flavor if you let her go a little longer. Support the branches

Hope you have a loupe.

I would say around that, at least, probably more like 4. Once most of the pistils have turned from white to orange is when I usually start checking trichomes, like in the chart that @retirementJOB posted. What strain is it? Auto or photoperiod? How many weeks have they been flowering? She looks great! Looks to be pretty dense. :+1:


Awesome! Thank you for the guidance.

This is an Autoflower OG Kush.

I believe it has been flowering for ~3.5 weeks. It’s wild how quickly the flowers densed up.

I have a second plant, same strain, that germinated on same day, but is in a much bigger pot with more light and that one just started to flower a 1.5 weeks ago.

Thank you for this infographic. very helpful!

I have a magnifying attachment for my phone that I can use. I don’t think it will be quite as detailed as the images in your photo though.

Hopefully they’re just getting warmed up! I haven’t grown autos, but I’d guess the smaller pot caused it to flower sooner. You may be in for a monster with the other!

@tanlover442 how would you recommend doing that? Some twine?

Get a Jeweler loupe off Amazon for $10 or so. You can see the trichomes easily. :+1:

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An autoflower breeder I like, FullDuplex, says he finds container size is helpful for managing the initiation of flowering. Your experience seems to jive with that. Do you happen to know exactly what size containers you’re using? Or can you post a photo with a soda can for comparison? Thanks.

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The smaller plant is in a 2 gallon felt container and the larger one is a 10 gallon felt container.



I personally don’t go over 5 gallon bags with Autos. I use 7-10 gallon bags for photos. I have tried 7 gallon bags with autos and find they don’t have time for the roots to fill out the bag so the plant can’t realise it’s full potential before the stretch stops in flowering cycle. At least, that’s how it’s worked for me so far…

I start mine in solo cups and transfer into a 1 gallon pot when ready. I am going to use 5 gallon for my next final home. This plant now is in a 3 gallon smart pot.

I dont know if that helps you or not. Good luck with your grow. Peaxe…


can get 4’ plastic coated wire tomato stake…n plastic coated tomato wire to attach main stalk and the run wire out to each bud to support.

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Very helpful. I will do that this weekend.

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Stoner ingenuity. Use a wire hanger, fold over the lip of the bag, lock in place with clips. Now use clips for anchors when training. Works nice and strong.

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