Is it time to flush and harvest?

This is my first ever grow, so I’m trying to figure out if my plants are ready to flush and harvest. Here are their details:

  • Strain: Cheese Autoflower
  • Soil in pots: Biobizz Light
  • What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS: Unknown. Biobizz nutes diluted per instructions
  • Indoor or Outdoor: outdoor
  • Light system, size? Sunlight, ~ 5 hours direct, 8 hours indirect (less now that days are getting shorter)
  • Temps; Day, Night : 80s - 50s
  • Humidity; Day, Night: Anywhere from 30% to 100%

I planted the seeds on July 5th, and they popped through the top of the soil around July 7th or 8th, so they’re right at 10 weeks. I had it in my head for some reason that this strain typically takes 12 weeks from sprout to harvest (incorrectly, the description page actually says 10), and based on the Biobizz nutrient scheduled, which is probably designed for non-auto plants, I’ve been feeding them heavily right up to yesterday, thinking they still had at least a couple more weeks of flowering.

Below are some close-up pictures of the flowers on my plants. Do these look ready for harvest, or do I have some more time? And should I keep feeding or flush them immediately? How long between flush and harvest? And should I harvest all at once, or in stages?


You want to get a good look at the tricombes
And take them when they are at least all milky or wait till you see amber
More amber more couch lock
Its your call
Youll need a pocket scope or jewelrs loop at least 30x mag

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Thanks for the tip @Countryboyjvd1971. I just ordered a pocket scope for delivery tomorrow.

At this point, should I go ahead and flush immediately, so the plants will use up all the nutes by the time I’m ready to harvest? Or does it look like there’s still enough flower production left that they’d benefit from nutes a little while longer? I’m not sure how to time the flush to strike a balance between maximum yield and quality of bud.

I would just ph water them right now i see some white pistols still so she may be bulking up
Get a look at the tricombes before you do anything else
Even is she goes another two weeks just using water will use up nutrients in soil and revisit flush option when you see how tricombes look its hard to tell with a naked eye :+1: