Is it time to flush and harvest


Day 46 of flowering

Should have almost no white pistils.

Do you have a jewell loupe to look at trichomes on the buds?


I do not. Been using camera on phone but it’s hard to focus lol

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Well she has lots of white pistols so she is still building, wait until all those white pistols turn orange. Nice looking nuggets my friend I am on the side of not flushing :v:t3: never helped me


I would say minimum 8 weeks for flower. Think another couples weeks would make for some better smoke. I ordered a jewlers loupe on amazon for less than $10. Its a must have really. If you dont have one, I would say go til you think they are ready, then wait another week. Looking nice for sure.
Have have done it both ways now.
Flush or no flush. Cant tell a difference.