Is it time to Fim/top?

First time grower… my plants are 4-wks old from germinating. Mixed seeds from a friend, I have no idea what they are. Outside grow. I’m thinking it’s time to try fiming and topping a couple. My husband disagrees. These are pictures of two different plants and the close up of what I’m guessing I would trim. I showed him the illustrated photos below and he said mine don’t look like that… both of these plants are starting their seventh node (if that is what a set of branches are called). Your thoughts are appreciated.

Are they autoflower or photo period plants?

And where geographically are you growing? Most of the northern hemisphere is closing in on the time where photo period plants will begin transition to flowering. Some growers have said their outdoor plants already started transitioning.

I have no idea what kind of plants they are, seeds from a friend and they don’t recall… I’m in SE Michigan, yes, I got a late start…

I wouldn’t top or fim any of them then. The season is short now. You could low stress train the hell out of them to maximize the light penetration to every possible bud site.

I did LST on these 2 and they’re rocking along minus the spider mite infestation on the one with bigger buds.

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So when it says, “… essentially, we only need to gently bend and tie the tall stems to put them on the same layer as the shorter ones…” they’re referring to the individual plants, yes? Bending the taller plant, to bring it in line with the shorter plants so all the plants are the same height?

Ps, your plants look great!!

I transplanted my plants 10-days ago, I think they liked it!

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When you LST you can do different ways. You absolutely can just bend branches on a plant to even out or expose lower growth to more light or What I do is bend the whole plant over so the top reaches to the edge of the pot then as it grows more, I continue to bend the top around the pot rim while bending lower branches out to expose them to more light.