Is it time now?

Hi. I’m a new grower, this being my first plant. It is a white widow feminized auto flowering variety. I must have done something incorrectly because it did not branch out even though I pinched off the top while growing. I read up on when plants are ready to harvest but still not positive when looking at the buds. Can someone take a look and give me their opinion if ready?



First just looking at the white pistles I can say they aren’t ready. Generally speaking you want to watch for pistles to start to turn rust colored and start to recede. At that point you will need to get a jewelers loupe and start checking trichomes for coloration. Depending on what you are wanting, 100% cloudy will be the highest level of THC and will mostly be a head high. Once trichomes on buds start to turn amber it will give you more of sedative effect. BTW Welcome to ILGM forum. :+1:


Welcome to the community @ringsporter. I agree @Bulldognuts. Most definitely check those trics


Now’s the time for patience. Looking good.


Definitely get a magnifier of some type to see the trics. And yes you are weeks away.


This is a bud still 2 weeks or more
away from harvest

Notice the brown hairs. Yours has just started to turn.

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Wow. I really see the difference! Is there anything I need to do over the next couple of weeks pertaining to lighting etc?

What lights do you have? That’s a WW Fem. I’m actually smoking it now.

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Led from spiderfarmer

Ok first off…yes thc is at its peak whenever the trichomes are cloudy. But that doesnt mean your going to get a head high, or a racey high. It’s all dependant on the strain your growing and the terps and cannabinoids.

For instance if your growing a Gorilla Glue and you harvest at all cloudy, you are definitely not going to get a head high. Its Gorilla Glue, it’s going to be a super downer, relaxing high.

So rather then learning that harvesting a plant at a certain point will give you A or B kind of highs, you need to learn what certain cannabinoids do.

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I read someone’s post about that on here. I’ll see if I can find it again. Any other sources you can direct me to is much appreciated. I should have gone into plant biology when I went to college like I had originally planned on!

Thank you everyone for your help!

I agree but as he is a New grower he will be learning that over time and multiple grows. Right now its what he has. I’ve only grown 2 different strains and a 3rd in veg now so I have no clue about the diff strains myself. It a learning process and we all have to learn as we go gaining more experience and filling in the blanks through time.

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Im not personally knowledgeable on those I got turned on to the HLG brand here and haven’t looked the model here and someone more knowledgeable on those lights will chime in!