Is it time..My plant got bad nute burn

My plant got bad nute burn but is still going . It looks almost to dried out. There are somewhat milky tri. But should I let it go a week or two yet.

Still a lot if white pistols. I look at trichomes about the same time the pistols turn mostly orange. Trichomes should be mostly cloudy and I perfer a touch of amber on the buds. The sugar leaves will showing amber before the buds so don’t go by that. Amber should be on the buds.


I haven’t made it that far yet but you don’t look done to me. Looks like the buds at the top are much further along then the lower buds. I don’t think the top are ready yet either though. How much amber are you seeing up there? Can’t tell from the picture. I wonder if you can harvest buds from the same plant at different stages. Like even a week or two apart, anybody? Hold tight on further opinions. Also why would some buds finish much earlier? Does this happen frequently? Or caused by some particular environmental factor? Don’t mean to hijack your thread but I think answers to some of those thoughts will inform your situation.

You can harvest in multiple stages.


It got nute burn later in its flowering. I thought it was lost cause. But there is trichomes all over it. I might chop in different stages. Thanks

nute burn is not that bad. suggest you continue feeding…lightly. After you have flushed it to clear out the overdose.
check trichomes to decide harvest time.

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i think you are getting light burn

I cant raise my light anymore. I think that maybe with a combination of burn. the trichomes are almost there. It wont be pretty but I think it will smoke ok.