Is it time? It’s my first time

Is it time for my auto flower to be chopped down. The leaves are looking pretty bad I don’t know what happened?

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Do you have a loupe to check the trichs on a few buds? Get some close up pics.

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@Stevendoe yeah what she said :point_up_2:lol!!! Something we can expand to get a closer look at your pistols please. :+1:t2::green_heart:

Hello guys, im new to the forum but i come with plenty expirience! I think its likely not done, you don’t want to harvest too early because the colas fatten a lot at the very end. I don’t see the leaves turning yellow enough to know that they are putting all their nutrients into the buds at the very end. But check for sure. It looks like you must be using a smaller light so perhaps that is ready to harvest, but hopefully you get another week. But trust the science, use that magnifying tool and be sure! Best of luck, she looks great.


I don’t, can I order one fast enough?

This is the same autoflower, I thought it was dead i threw it in cornfield Virginia dirt, kept it waterd and it’s looking way better than the one in the pot!! I am happy with it being my first time! I am now hopefully after this learning low stress training on my photos with a grow light!

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Also this auto I topped, and if I’m not wrong it has many main colas?

It looks like it wasn’t topped to me. Did you leave any of the leaf nodes still on it when it was topped? Yes, you have time to get a magnifying glass. Amazon that! Hahs, just put her back in the sunlight and be proud of yourself. Its not easy to grow amazing canabis trees, :smile:

To me its not even close. lots of white hairs in there.

How old is she.

There is plenty of white pistols its not ready

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Thank you

The cycle said71 days it’s been65

You have plenty of time. Not a pro, but im guessing youre at least 3 or 4 weeks away

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@Stevendoe I’m with @DRsDank on your timeline. You’ve got a ways to go based on the flower pistols appearance. Order yourself a jewelers loop and familiarize yourself with trich development. Plenty of pics in here to learn from.

@growking4life hey bro welcome to Club Canna! Glad to have you onboard!!

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These buds are so beautiful and it’s getting so Crystalized! Man the Virginia dirt must do amazing wonders for cannabis because this plant looks so healthy it’s crazy when I first put it out here it was almost dead now it’s the most vibrant beautiful plant I have

Yes you are right. This bud is still getting so much bigger that’s the main bud and it’s bigger than my hand.

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@Stevendoe thats gonna be a ni e haul when you harvest!! :sunglasses:

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