Is it time for flowering formula?

When to start flowering fertilizer?
These Blue Dream autos are about 7 weeks old and beginning to show lots of nice pistils

. I think they have another 5+ weeks left in their growth cycle. Should I continue with the vegetative growth fertilizer now or switch to a flowering formula?
Thanks for your suggestions!

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They have probably closer to 9 weeks (way early to tell), but they look like they’re just starting. And I’d say yes! Start feeding those beautiful flowers


Bruce, they look good, nice man! I would flip to flower and use nutes for flowering. This pic of Blue Dream, pretty big buds, good luck on your grow man.

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Go with both at this point. P and K to support flowering and nitrogen to support the stretch, which will last another 2 to 3 weeks. Agree that you probably have 8 or so weeks to go.



This why I love this place. I didn’t think of that, but hearing it, obviously makes so much sense.

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