Is it the trichomes that pack the punch in potency?


Just wondering if the potency or quality of the bud is solely based on the amount of trichrome volume


Yes all of the medical value come from the trics


Potency and medical value are 2 different things oils are stored in the leaves stems and buds not just THC the act of decarbing draws them out to be stripped from plant. The trichs are just a visual indicator resin glands there is lots hidden :wink:


I stand corrected
Thought that the plant material was just that the material.
Sorry for the bad info


not a bad answer my friend it is just that there is more there than visual so and THC/CBDs present in every part of plant even it’s roots value is lower the further you get from buds. Some want just CBD lower THC which is in the plants oils and science is finding more and more of plant has value all the time