Is it the genetics. Or is it me

And oh. Yeah. Landlord. Comming in couplle days. Have to remove from property sooner tha. Later from propery. So i went ahead and chopped it down. To get it gone. Outa. Here for couple days lol thought id share the the hang

AND… oh yeag. Half a gallon of soil uses on this plant.


On the left is 5 gal. The other 2 are 3 gal. Center one is ~30 inches from floor, plant is ~20 inches from dirt.

I used those 3 gal. Fabric pots. Decided. I would have to go bigger when i get my shipment from ilgm. Found out my woman a stoner too. So. Better try for larger yeildz. Lol.
Learn a little on my own. Alot from this Fourm

I know alot is bro science but weeding through the bs. To get to that good grass .


Update. Hung up to dry on sept 12. Still has a little ways to go. Looks like a week. Is what it takes to dry. Ive read 14 day is what im shooting for for dying do yall water just before cutting down or something. Mine dry quick. At 65 -69 degree =45-50 % humidity

Youll want to stop water 3 to 4 days before harvest. Then before you chop, place her in a dark room for 40 hours… then chop, trim, and hang. Youre RH in your drying room should be 55 to 60 RH with temps between 70 and 75, for the first 4 or so days when drop yoir RH between 45 and 50 for the final 4. Mine have been hanging for a week and they are getting put in jars today.

She turned out way better tha. I though it would. That was first clone ive ever done . So first off. Thats cool as $#!÷ .
2nd i have another question. I hear see and read humidity being number one factor when curing. Not so much about temperatures.
How cold is to cold. My humidity is 55percent pretty steady