Is it sativa or indica


A lil bit to young to tell yet!


Thanks… I will wait

The easiest way to tell your strain is by there leaves. This picture shows what each strain should look like.

But with all the breeding, most likely you will have a mixture of sativa and indica. So its very hard to tell.

Good luck with your grow :sunglasses::us:


What are you using for soil?

mixture of plant nutrients that are bought in stores with additional of wood ash and compost tea and animal dry manure. Is there any problems?

The seedling look really happy in it.
It looks really dense. Maybe some perlite when you transplant.

thanks for the advice… I will try to find perlite in Namibian stores… I hope

Sadica or Intiva is my guess.

Is that meant to say Sativa or Indica? Good guess since there’s only 3 types to pick from after all. If not an auto, then really only 2. Nailed it!
However, most now a days are mixes. If you haven’t a clue of the strain, it’s a wait and see game… Will it be male, female, or hermie? Sativa or indica dominate strain? Time will reveal all. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I needed this after my comment. (a comedian)image