Is it revegging?

I’ve had this Blue Cheese photoperiod cloned plant growing outside in a 5 gallon pot since June 17. It was doing great but recently I’ve noticed the top part of the plant is growing singular leaves like it’s trying to reveg. What could possibly going wrong

That’s what it looks like. A lot of it going around this year.

I have a couple of questions. Did you start it in a tent and then move it outside?

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Only around 15 hour’s of light on June 21.

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Yes I did start off in a tent. I cloned it from a previous plant that was in pre flower. So when it to roots it looked crazy at first but then blew up and growing vigorous proper leaves and got to big for the tent. So I took it outside and it was doing great till I noticed the top leaves revegging and it looking like it wants to start flowering again. I don’t why

But it’s July now and it just started doing this about a week ago

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What is the timing on your lights? If they were high enough and there was a large difference to when you placed them outside, I believe this can cause a plant to try to flower and then decide to reveg.

Expect wonky things from monster cropping. That’s why it’s called monster cropping.


The timing on my light was 18/6 when I was revegging it. The height I kept the light was 18-20 inches.

I’ve switched my lighting schedule for veg to 14/10 because of this issue. Here’s hoping I don’t have the same problem next year.

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