Is it Regular plant or a late flower'n auto & what to do if regular

Small problem. Growing for 2yrs now I have limited indoor enclosed grow space & it’s always Autos. I use 1 & 2Gal airpots LED fixtures 22hrs on 2off and train them well. I have more product than I can use even with my feeble area & setup, sitting on 6oz stored with 2 plants growing & 6 seedlings on the way. Every 90-100 days I reap my rewards.
It seems I either have a bag seed mixed up from a dispensary or a plant that is long in its vegetative period. It’s well over a month old I have green stigma spikes all over that should’ve turned into white hairs long ago, but its still strongly pushing vegetation after a month and a half.
If this isn’t an Auto that doesn’t turn soon, is it a regular? Then how long does a regular plant need in the veg state and when should I reduce its light to trigger it?

Sometimes autos can be shy and it takes a little push. If you really think it is a photo you’ll want it to be about half as big of what you have room for, once you go to 12s for flower it will stretch and the plant can double in height more often it’s about 1/3 it has alot to do with your lights.