Is it Ready yet?!?

Hey what’s up? Which pistols are most important to watch?, the ones up top?
My pistols are turning a light orange everywhere except for the very top should I wait till the top one start turning and do you wait till they turn a darker orange-ish red??
Any advice is appreciated! Thank you!!


Oh she’s beautiful…
Do you have a magnification tool? You really need to harvest by the tricnomes.
The Lil crystals you see, that looks like sugar on the bud. That’s the trics.
They should be fully cloudy with no clear.
For the full effect,when they turn amber that’s when the thc turns to cbd, and will give a more couch locked buzz


Will do! Thanks!

I agree with nugbug its a lovely looking bud
I would personally let it go a bit longer woth all the white pistols you should still be packing on the wieght
I also agree the a loop or similar is best way to determine harvest time you want clody tricombes at the least i perfer 20% amber or there abouts personally
Nice job @TakSiX420


nice and sparkly just the way we like them!

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Those look really sticky!!! Nice work, but I’m in agreement on letting them go a little longer :+1:

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i agree with @MattyBear