Is it ready to harvest

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Thanks u know how much longer do I have by the looks of it

6 to 10 weeks…:thinking::wink:

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Ok thanks

Any advice

Not really… keep it up and stay ontop of things , bugs and such…
Its lookin good…
Are you checking ph and ppm levels…?

No it’s my first time growing so really don’t know just have it outside

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you have done a good job of raising a healthy young lady. now, let her fill out till the buds are fullest and heavy. 8 weeks.
suggest: support those LST’d branches…they will break if not supported.
might be a good time to increase the feeding especially the phosphorous.
a bloom enhancer like CaChing will help her add the extra delicious bulk

Thanks it’s just my first time just got a seed out of a regular bag and planted out there didn’t expect for nothing I haven’t gave it nothing just water and sun …do to support those branches do I tie them up

lots of different ways to support. tomato cage, bamboo stakes, plastic tomato stakes.

btw…suggest you fertilize. on a budget…buy Fish Emulsion about $9 a quart.
better than nothing

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