Is it Ready To Cut

Is it ready? Another week? What you think?

Hard to say without magnification. Got a 60x loupe?


No sir I don’t. Need to order a good one. Any ideas on best one?

Yeah maybe better pics , it looks like nitrogen toxicity, those pistils are way to straight to be ready


Thank you for the info. Whats best way to fix that?

A straight water( pHed), or a light peroxide 3% (1/8-1/4 tablespoon to gallon of water), or a light amendment of baking soda (1/2-3/4 tablespoon per liter pot of soil). Basically anything with oxygen or carbon that is easy for the excess nitrogen to have a way to bond.

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Use your camera and magnify pucture. Works great

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Get yourself one of these wifi microscopes real cheep on amazon. You will have no question anymore as to when to harvest! 30.00 range.


Im happy with mine but i want a bluetooth one so i can do it with my phone

This is what i use

@Audiofreak I really dig your set up

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Pretty buds. Maybe tag someone who is good at seeing those tiny trichs with little magnification like @pollymex5000

I suck at it but I know others get results.

I take a picture with my cell and blow that up. Or take a large magnifying glass and photo thru that lense. Its a bit tricky but it works better than the small microscope and jewelers loup I purchased. I’m visually challenged and trying to see through the tiny circle on the loup just doesn’t work.