Is it ready or not?

I have -0% idea of what I am doing. I have a bubblegum auto flower 112 days from popping up. Am I ready to chop it down or how much longer should I wait. Hopefully the pictures are good enough to tell


I am sorry to say not quite yet those trichomes are still pretty clear-ish

You want to wait till they are all cloudy with at least some amber

To my novice eyes I’d say 2 or three weeks but I’d wait for the pros to confirm
I’m a n00b

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Two things: 1. You would want to check the bud itself… as much as possible. The leaves “sugar leaves” will mature and turn amber first then the bud itself… we want the bud to be mature not so much the leaf.
2. I’d say if you scooped the bud you’d see then clear, and you can still see white pistils coming from the bud. They’ll stop and start to recede.

Overall nice plant for a first go around and I’d agree I’d leave them in for another two weeks probably… definitely 1 whole week minimum and then go back and try and see if you can look at the bud itself(every other day) for the cloudy/amber you’re looking for… about 10-20% amber is the norm.

Any other questions about the final weeks, and we’ll try our best to bring you to the finish line in style. :grinning:

Are you ready for round 2!

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Lol crap I was so busy looking at the trichomes I didn’t even notice that he had the sugar leaf magnified and not the bud itself

See I am a n00b

Thank you, I actually already started round two about two weeks ago I couldn’t wait.


Haha that happens to all of us!

Why are the leaves dying so bad though? Is it normal

Normal part of the plants life. She is slowly dying off. No worries at this point I’d say.