This purple kush was supposed to be ready at week 9. I’ve been watching the trichomes for the past 6 weeks and they are still white. This is an Indica plant and I want full couch lock effect so I was waiting for the trichomes to be Amber. What do you think?

Looks great. I would let her go on until you feel the trichromes are where you want them. But they look like the can be harvested any day now

got any pics of the trichomes?

A Complete Guide on When to Harvest Hemp

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2 things if it’s an auto and you from you saying it was supposed to been in 9 weeks, learning curve what the company means is 9 weeks in flower. I would say anywhere from 30-45 days of veg then start your timeline for flower, so about to 14-16 weeks. I’m a newbie completed first grow and getting ready to start up number 2. I grew GSCX 2 where ready at weeks 14 ish another took almost 16, don’t feel bad I was under the same impression as you but if just doesn’t work that way. :frowning: Also try to get tricomes pic only way to know. You need a jewelry loupe or I got a digital microscope of Amazon 25-30 bucks only way to know for sure. But looks like you have done a great job so far, unfortunately Patience is the key, best of luck