Is it ready -Bubble gum

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Week 7 of flowering. First time grower and apparently it’s got a flowering time of 8-9weeks and I’m thinking I’m seeing amber and now the past couple days there has been a few millimetres of growth right up the top. Help please.

Have you started your flush yet. You are close. next week or two

Let her grow. She will give you many smiles.
Watch the trichome progression…

You’re almost there.
If you haven’t flushed yet it’s probably time.
Stop adding nitrogen to any feeding.

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Thanks everyone. Thought I might have started the flush a little late but looks like I’ve done it right on time.
Any other tell tale signs it’s ready besides the trichomes or what it would look like if it’s gone too far?

This picture of Bubblegum is two days before harvest. It was a straight super soil grow. She turn yellow at the end because she used up all the nutrients and moved to eating the leaves. This batch of Bubblegum is potent and was the best of the three times I grew it.


Ok ur still 2 to 3 weeks out also when did u start ur count right at light flip because then u should minus a week. I’ve got bg going right now mine looks alot like urs and around the same time I still have 2 to 3 weeks left on mine.

Yeah I flipped it at 1st August so actual weeks.

I dont want to let it go to far coz aren’t they ment to have a euphoric high but left too long it becomes potent and deadening? I will try going for another 2ish weeks

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Good call @KB001 that should work out perfectly


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I just picked a weekend where I had time to pull up and trim. Looks really hashy but doesn’t smell really like anything but wet weed

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I hope it turned around for u