Is it possible?!

Is it possible for flowering plants to outsource the extra nutrients added to the plant when it did not need extra nutrients?..or will the plant burn out from the extra nutrients even though it would eventually need them??

If you were sick and I gave you medicine that you needed, but I gave you too much, it would make you sick. Even if you needed the medication later, it being in your body now is not a good thing and your body wouldn’t store it for later, it would try its best to expel it and you would be sick from the overdose. It’s the same with plants, If you over feed it with nutes, it will do its best to expel what it doesn’t need back down its stalk and into the soil, but it needs water to do this, if the water is full of nutrients then it’s moot because were just repeating the same and poisoning the plant further. The first signs you’ll see will be discoloration and burn on the bottom most leaves. the plant will try to as you said “outsource” but every part of it will already have an excess amount of nutes so it will dump all of it in the soil, increasing the salt levels and raising the PH to dangerous levels for your plants roots destroying them in the process. I don’t need to tell you what happens next right? constantly check your mediums PH levels and flush as necessary. water with plan R/O water for a couple of waterings. Always an Opinion! Stay Green!


Damn good answer. Almost poetic. Lol

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Well ph is definitely a little higher it jumped to 7,I noticed the change the very next night on the plants…I flushed it yesterday we’ll have to wait and see how it goes for the next couple days.