Is it possible to use Humidifier water?


Anyone use the water from a humidifier? Just wondering seeing that I get around 5 gals every 4 days or so. I have a RO for watering. I go thru 18 gallons every 3 days. It’s no big deal, I just thought I could use it for my veg room or something. No point in wasting water. Funny I say that, my RO is 2:1 and 50 gals a weeks is crazy…
Thanks for any input.


no, void of all nutrients, poison bad water lol :imp:


Actually it’s simple distilled water and many swear by it but it’s important to keep evap line and drain clean the water that comes off is what plants have transpired into the air nothing toxic about it. It is void of nutrients and should have a ph close to 7 and I will repeat if you are wanting to use it simply make sure drain pan is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected first. Remo swears by it


Yes it is OK to use, and I actually do use mine! Free water with a PMP of 2!



Fish tank water or rain water is thee best water for your plants honestly .


Thanks bud… I bought a ro thing. I was wondering cuz I get about 5 gallons a week. I just hate wasting water so I bring it to little jobs to make mortar with…