Is it possible to put a plant into flowering too soon?

After my plant grew four nodes of leaves high I pinched off the top and put it in 12/12 lighting. It has been 3 weeks and I don’t see any sex organs. Did I change the lighting too soon?

Simple answer…yes.

The plant wasn’t even fully through the seedling stage yet. You can top that soon, just not the best way to go.

I believe @garrigan62 could help you further…

Not sure which one but one of the mentors did a experimental grow at 12 12 from start to finish . If I am not mistaken it will work but the size and yield are limited by the loss of veg time . My timer went out and 3 white widow spent long enough in the dark Iswitched about 3 weeks earlier than I wanted to and still got probably close to 6 ounces. Not much but worth keeping for sure

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Yes I agree with FloridaSon
You tried way to soon. Try it when the plant is in its 3nd week of vegg.


Can I put it back in veg light cycle since it shows no sign of flowering?

If I recall latewood was mentioning some merrits to growing 12/12 14/10 from veg but too early in the day for me to hunt down the post either way it can be done

your lady will take time to go to flower the younger it was the longer it will take you see people flower clones small all the time but a clone is same maturity as it’s mother so can be put into flower right away a plant from seed will take it’s sweet ass time if thrown into 12/12. Also being a seedling if you revert it to veg it will slow growth and stress which may add to hermi potential just IMO

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Yeah I vegged a gold leaf for 4 weeks and switched because another plant was ready. Long story. Anyway I got half an ounce from her in the end and 5 stress seeds. She didn’t Hermie because the other two ladies didn’t produce seeds. So keep it 12/12 and get some smoke and do over seeds lol

This plant was grown from seed on 12/12 the whole time.

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Nice mags :stuck_out_tongue:

Update! …So a timer accident caused the plants that I had put in 12/12 too soon to go back into Veg. for a week. The picture above is the result on one of the plants. Can we all agree that this big strong healthy specimen is 100% male? No chance of Hermie?

The other plant is full of nothing but long white hairs.

Sorry to say but that is a male, and will pollenate your other female plant if you don’t get rid of it asap

@BondPacker Thanks for the confirmation. It was such a strong full plant that I had to get a second opinion. Thanks for the info.

No problems @JoeCurious, male plants often grow quicker and stronger than females making you think youve got a monster plant, then unfortunately they show their colours.

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