Is it possible to prevent pollination?

My plants are flowering but I have just noticed they are developing seeds so they have obviously been pollinated.
I have a good idea of where there may be a male lurking so I am wondering if there is anything I could do to prevent this from happening with future grows?Would it be worth putting some kind of screen up on the side I believe it’s coming from or is that a complete waste of time and energy?

Not having male plants in vicinity would be best bet. If you have no control over that, growing inside would be another way to help control that. I don’t believe any type of screen will stop it from happening.


Sniff out the culprits and kill all their males

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Yeah the only thing that you can do to stop your girls from being pollinated is make sure that there are no males in your garden the only other thing would be hoping praying that nobody in your neighborhood is growing as well and let there’s go to mail because the pollen is like powder you’re not going to stop it

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