Is it possible to change badge appearance on my card?


I cannot do it, maybe a moderator can ? Just asking :innocent: @latewood @Hammer maybe ?


I do not understand what you are talking about. Sorry :slight_smile:


I’m out of love so thanks @latewood for taking it in consideration, I know you are very busy, again thanks for taking the time :heart_eyes::kissing_heart::innocent::wink:


When some one clic on my image to go see my card, the first badge appearing is the flag one. … Even if I earn it, i’m not a flag person and wish that is a another badge showing at first in my card , it’s ok if it show in my badge history in my main page , however I don’t wish it’s the first thing that other poeple see about my self, i’m more of the love giving type :wink: Thanks again for helping out, if it’s possible :innocent:


Right some wonderful and insightful post which earns you some new badges and it should be gone in no time?


Thanks for the compliments on this topic @Donaldj :smiley::heart_eyes::wink::innocent:


I see your avatar, and your background image. Nothing else is editable. Happy growing.

Everyone’s profile page looks the same.


Oooh :open_mouth::hushed:, thanks anyway for trying to help :slight_smile::wink:, it sould be gone overtime, i guess and wish :wink::innocent:


I believe it shows most recent badges earned but not positive since I don’t look at my own often?


My last badge was “appreciated” :wink: and did not kick off the “flag” one :hushed: and was just wondering if it was possible to a moderator or an admin to make the switch and it seems that is not the case :frowning::wink::innocent: Hey, i’m gone a live with it :wink::innocent::v: thanks @latewood for the information :innocent: even if it doesn’t help for my "image worries " personal issues…:wink::innocent::v:Happy growing :innocent:


Wow you already have 13 Badges , Nice, I don’t have the “Flag” Badge yet, alright I’m on the Prowl now !!! lmao !!!


Imao @FyshhTrap, thanks for prowling ,i’m currently in my cluster headaches, sorry if I 'm gone a be slow and short on my reply​:frowning::dizzy_face::flushed::wink::innocent: and probably out of subject… :innocent:


I try not to flag posts but sometimes we have to play moderators ourselves and no shame in preventing people abusing our forum so I see nothing wrong with Niala following rules. I believe I got mine when a company made an account and replied on one of my posts with a comment in relation to we can sell you equipment to suite your needs. Either way I politely suggested they go through right channels to be forum supporters and flagged post for review by admins, to me was shady trolling a free forum to sell products


Just to clear up and ease thing if it’s what is happening, my flag was made for a nasty review to @ClaireILGM , that topic was block by @Hammer for good reason and is no more available, for good reason too, so i believe… :innocent: Thanks @Donaldj and @FyshhTrap for making an interest in my topic . I understand and know and feel your love given… I 'm greatful for it :wink: Oh mye , it take the last of my strength , don’t be sorry or worry , and maybe I am wrong… just pray for me, and spread the love I am trying to give :kissing_heart::heart_eyes::kissing_smiling_eyes::wink::innocent:


Are you talking about the symbol by badges??? It stands for many badges, not just for a flag symbol… Hopefully this helps… Happy Growing:)…


When you clic on my avatar image, my “card” is popping out and you see on the bottom of it, some “badges” and i was wondering if it was possible to change the one that say “first flag”, @latewood say previously that it’s not possible, so i’m gone a live with it :wink: :innocent: :v:. Thank you for wishing me good and viewing @Stonetothebone, it’s appreciate :heart_eyes::wink::innocent:


@Niala , you are in all ower prayers . :innocent: sorry to hear about the C headaches .used to have debilitating Migraines . hurt to even have a random thought in my head .and my senses go on hyper drive . making it worse . I hope you find some relief with the mj . i used to use hash but had to ingest it . when they hit . reply to my PM to reach me .


I’m using eddibles for the most part but do a vaporize session for the immediate effects :wink::innocent::sunglasses:


good choice for the effects .


@Niala Just scrolling through post and saw yours about cluster headaches. I can empathize with you as I too suffer from this debilitating affliction. I have found that during a cluster period cannabis only tends to exacerbate the problem. Glad to see it offers some relief to you. I typically use oxygen when I have a headache which works very well. Hoping your cluster period ends REAL soon. Not to bum you out but mine started at age 20 or so and I am now 64. Supposed to have gone away by now. Anyway, if you ever need to commiserate with a fellow clusterhead, get in touch.