Is it okay to not plant your seed in the middle?

Hey, just a quick question:

Is it okay to not plant your seed in the middle of the pot or bag so that when you lay it over with LST you have more space to work with inside the pot without it spilling out over one edge?

I wonder if this hurts the root development to plant it like halfway between the center and the edge…instead of the middle?

You know it might just be my OCD behavior but it is a bit annoying for one side to be spilling out…and the opposite side to have plenty of space.

Or is it just me??:laughing:

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Im sure it would be fine.
Eventually the roots will fill the bag no matter where the seed is planted.


I’ve seen quite a few people that do their autos like that, the roots will follow the dirt with the water n food. Or whatever you are growing in


I think it would be ok. May have to put a small tilt on the pot so water/feed reaches the bottom, under the root system, a little better. Shouldn’t be much of an issue though.

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Here’s a better example of one I had an issue with.

Mine have roots poking up :joy:. Like a tree leaning and the roots showing. Except pot plants lol. But ya, I know what you mean. I think it’d be fine to plant a couple inches away from the middle, but wouldn’t get too close to the walls of the pot/bag just in case of roots locking up against it.

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