Is it OK topping Bergmans Goldleaf Autoflowers?

Some yes, some say no…I am more lost than usual. My bean has only sprouted 2 days ago and the seedling is in soil, in a naturally lit heated greenhouse.

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If you are new to growing and new to autoflowering plants it would be better to get a grow or two under your belt before attempting to top. Some low stress training (LST) is great for autos and will increase yields without slowing em down much (if any).

An experienced auto grower who knows exactly what to look for and when can top quite successfully.


LST it is then , many thanks for your considered advice.

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Hi there,
I just finished manicuring the last bud of the Bergmans Auto without topping and she budded up just fine and dandy, thats it for me growing this year, I intend to study up LST for this fabulous stoner strain during the bleak midwinter…again, thanks for your advice last August…J68 :partying_face:


Any pictures of your handy work?


How goes it @James68 . . .

Did you have a chance to photograph the roots to Bergman’s Goldleaf?

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sorry my Prince I have been in the end zone of late. picis very soon. :crying_cat_face:

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The first snowfall was yesterday, continuing till tomorrow morning, Tuesday, around 7 a.m. Eighteen inches of snow accumulation, expecting another 6-8” of snow tonight till it ends tomorrow morning.

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I was wondering about topping autos

Welcome @jackrussell . I have topped auto’s and lots of folks do but it has to be topped at just the right time and it sometimes can slow down growth . I prefer to just give them some low stress training .

thanks for the feedback I did top my autos but I waited until leaves were 7 points and it appears that it boosted growth they are taking off

I topped one of my WW Autos and LST it is the best looking plant out of all 4


can autoflower be revegged

Incredible !
at what point did you top ?

I topped at 5th node

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Im not sure to be honest but from all I hear about autos it’s doubtful other than topping and LST I wouldn’t do much else but hey if you have a curiosity and not too worried about mistakes and failing go for it lol I think trying things for yourself is best if you can afford to that way you know for sure what you can do I call it on the job training lol

Some people say you can’t clone Autos well…I did it, did it yield anything worth the time…no it didn’t lol but it can be done