Is it ok to use phdown after mixing nutrients?

I would like to know if I can use pH down after mixing nutrients

Yes, yes, yes add neuts to your water then Ph. And adjust accordingly up or down.


Yes, that is when pH Down should be added to the mix.


Thanks my man once again :relaxed:
And I was just wondering if it’s ok to shut down the inline fan and leave just the fan running to increase humidity??

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Thank you man :blush:

So long as you still get some air circulation, give it a try.

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Thanks I will straight way :+1:

The others have you in good shape. I’m not sure where you are trying to get rh vs where it is, but if lights are on you should make sure you have at least one full air exchange every 2 minutes or less.

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Yesterday when I turned off the inline fan the heat started to rising as well the humidity but I can’t check all the time the tent so I put a nice humidifier running on 58 60% and my fans are on I have great circulation and humidity happy life :blush:

My next question is when should lower my humidity…I’m at the start of week 3 at the moment

Depends on the temperature really. In a perfect world you would maintain proper vapor pressure deficit for stage of growing you’re in. You can go to google and download a chart for this. For where you’re at, I would be shooting for about 80f and 65-70% rh. Your space may be a little different or more difficult to do that though.

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Thank you very much for the reply :relaxed: I manage to keep it at 60 humidity and 23 temperature the plants took off tha last two days they look really good…I feel that the first part it’s done and I’m happy but I’m concern for the future waterings…I had a guide on watering till now which is day 19 but from tomorrow I’m on my own…day 21 I will water again 250 ml each and see how it goes I’m starting to geting the idea of not being bone dry and not super wet but still I don’t want to mess up so any tips except the way of lifting the pot would be appreciated it tha k you

how much ph down per say gallon, just got some but no reference along those lines ?

I always pH after adding nutrients. Well when I actually do test.

@pr Start with say 1 ml test and test. Then if you need more add a little more till the desired pH level you want. It shouldn’t take to much

1 ml per how much water? Im a newbie and still trying to zero in on a good water, nute recipe. Was soon to ask about that here. Im still waiting on my equipment to deliver, so haven’t started my legit, by the book grow yet. Thanks and any info is much appreciated @MrPeat !

I do have a healthy one rite now, and would like to start feeding it. Even w local garden center mix. Just scared to do more harm than good!

I use how much I plan to water. So if I need 1 gallon, then I adapt the pH is small amounts. I have had it where I give 5 drops and other times a few mL per gallon. Basically is trial and error till you find the sweet spot.