Is it ok to use nutrients every watering if only 25% dose?

My Girl Scout Cookies Extreme auto is at about 2 full weeks of flowering. I just started using Big Bloom 2 waterings ago and used Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom for the last watering along with some dolomite lime with calcium and magnesium since my runoff PH is a little low. Big Bloom says to use 4 tablespoons so I use 1. Tiger Bloom says to use 2 to 3 teaspoons and I am using 1 as well. At this low dose is it ok to feed with every watering or would I be better off to still use plain water once in a while?

Are you in soil or coco? That would make a huge difference. I generally let the plant tell me what she wants and go from there. Burnt tips cut back on feeding. Leaves starting to pale feed more. Little brown spots more calmag.

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Iā€™m in FF Ocean Forest soil. I have noticed a few brown spots but only on very few leaves.

You can, depends on the stage of life your planters in. but pictures help.

Sure, just need to learn to read the plants and increase or decrease the dosage as needed, and throw in a water only now and then when it looks like they could use one.