Is it Ok to use a dehumidifier & heater in a grow tent, to achieve that ‘perfect environment’?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

My question is, is it Ok to use a dehumidifier & heater in a grow tent, to achieve that ‘perfect environment’? Thinking of putting the grow tent in the garage or perhaps on the patio. Fresh air would be an issue in the garage, temp & humidity, an issue both places…? Any help would be so much appreciated!!


Yes you can i keep my dehumidifier outside of the tent it throws off heat to. A patio and a garage are going to be more challenging for controlling the temperature it can be done just more work and preparing and and money. It’s hard to do with a heat wave or when it’s staying below 0 for 2 weeks

I would be careful putting a heater inside your grow tent along with a dehumidifier and your lighting… Sounds like a fire hazard to me.


Using heat with an air conditioner is the only way to control humidity and temperature in any environment.

Dehumidifiers create allot heat. An AC unit would remove humidity until it achieves the desired temperature then stops removing moisture, and that’s where the heat comes in, to boil off the humidity so the AC can catch it and drip drip drip.

It really is the best way to drop both heat and humidity and maintain a perfect temperature and humidity, artificial lights usually create enough heat to drive humidity away.

However when the lights go out there’s no more heat to move the humidity away to the AC, it then becomes cool and DANK without a heat source, especially in a grow environment with plants perspiring all the time along with evaporating water from the system.

As a general rule winter is dryer and summer is wetter, so AC in the winter is unnecessary as the heating system drives off all the moisture to wherever it meets the cold and “condenses”.

When I was sleeping in the clouds at higher elevation, heat and AC were an absolute necessity! One without the other was USELESS! The windows became dripping wet on the OUTSIDE while I was warm/cool and COMFORTABLE sleeping like a baby!

Honestly its more efficient to control environment of the room the tent is located in and allow intake fans to pull conditioned air into tent
While you can run them inside tent the exhaust fan normally pulls the air out so fast
that most will run longer or constantly when inside tent

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Im a hvac mechanic by trade Fyi happy growing


Yes exactly! I was describing a room instead of “tent” but you made the point to “create the needed conditions”. Warm growing conditions for uptake and growth then cool dry conditions for flowering, it stops the plants from stressing from the heat resulting in stretched out flowers and or a plethora of molding and rot conditions!

When growing outdoors and hit by warm and humid flowering conditions, disinfectant sprays like bleach, h202, baking soda, (just to name a few) are an absolute necessity! The plants must be saturated under, over, and throughout the entire epidermal of the plant, otherwise mold spores will get a foothold and within days under these conditions consume the entire plant .

Indoor environmental temp (including feed water temps) and humidity control is only one key of many keys that separates professional results from non professional results. Indoor lab conditions create a better, more potent plant than the wild.

It’s up the grower to create perfect conditions, otherwise anomalies will occur with changing conditions. A plant adjusts to it’s environment in a million different ways! Make that environment friendly and conducive and I GUARANTEE your plants will be friendly to you!

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Sure! It’s advised to place a dehumidifier into your growing space to support the comfortable conditions for the plants. Also, I’ll be glad to share a great review of it, you can check it here.