Is it ok. to transplant the plants into 3 gallon fabric pots now?

A question of a fellow grower:
my autoflower plants are 10 days old, is it O.K. to give them CaliMag, hydrguard, floramicro and flora grow now, they are growing in jiffy pellets and then into happy frog soil in dixie cups, next is it O.K. to transplant them into 3 gallon fabric pots now.

With autos, you wanna plant in final home from the start. Don’t feed until first 2 round feeder leaves start to yellowing

I can’t speak to all the supplements, but I’d only suggest cutting the Dixie cups away, rather than upending them. Have the holes prepared for them to go into and disturb the roots add little as possible. If you’re careful, you can avoid transplant shock.

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As stated, auto’s are best planted in forever home. 3 gallon is minimum…and should work ok.
5 gallon would be much better.
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