Is it ok to start germination in 3 gal flower pot

Reed a few articles on here and I’m really looking forward to starting my first growth something small 2 to 5 girls maybe. I’m thinking about using a 3 gallon plastic flower pot to start the germination to bypass the transplant process is this a good idea

Well first of all welcome to the ILGM site it is a great place for help with all the questions a new growerwill have ask any thing you need to and the guy’s on here will hook you up . That it is not really what I do but there are several different opinions on this and why it is good or bad . If you do you need to make a decent size pocket of soil with little to no nutrients n it for the first couple of weeks so the new babies dont get burnt and let the roots slowly grow into the nutrients in the soil . I transplanted into 4 gallon pots to early and had a problem getting the watering down the first couple weeks just use ph correct water to spray the soil it is way to easy to over water in the beginning of a grow that is what I did . I was advised watering properly is one of the reasons the better growers go from a small container to one gallon pots and then up to the final size 5 gallon pot . That being said @ktreez420 sprouts and grows all in the same pot I believe and he has some very fine results but I am not nearly the weed warrior he is so as a beginner I go with the safest way for me . Good luck on your grow


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@Oldstoner, some d it up perfectly. Thank you sir !Please let us know if you have any other questions…OK


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I used to grow soil, but I’ll let the real soil masters explain it to you @Dr.Choke
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Where I live there is very little humidity and as such if the pots dry out it can be very hard to get them wet again without drowning the plant. I start in one gal containers and let them get root bound in those pots then transplant to 5 gal pots myself.


I have started plants out both ways, in 16oz solo cups then transplanted, and I have just put the seeds in my 4 gal pots and let them grow. Both ways work , but I have come to prefer the small cups to start. Small cannabis roots need that right mix of water and air. How much to water and when is easier managed in the small container. I also believe in your planning you have to ask yourself what size plant you are going for. Are you getting Auto seeds? Or are you planning on a longer veg stage producing a much larger plant . If so larger containers will be needed.