Is it ok to expose the seedlings to 18 hrs light in the grow cycle from the start

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I intend to germinate in a glass of water and transfer them directly into the grow pot using due caution in reference to water unless there’s a reason I should start them out in the little starter trays. That was question #1. Number 2 is it ok to expose the seedlings to 18 hrs light in the grow cycle from the start or is it necessary to give them a couple of weeks at a lesser amount? I’ve heard a variety of opinions on the subject and would greatly appreciate yours and put an end to the debate. Lastly , what is the least amount of time one should give the plant in the grow cycle before initiating the flowering stage? I understand there is an array of varibles all things considered. I’m going indoors with a tent and adjustable intensity light. I’m not asking for information on light spectrums and or intensities, only the basics. This should be the last time I take advantage of your generosity for such basic information. It’s a little hard to resist when one is offered assistance from a solid resource. Thanks again.

I only have one indoor grow under my belt but I went with 18 6 right off. I put the seed sprouts into there forever home and put them under a 1200 watt led light. They did just fine. If I could adjust the light intensity I would reduce it bit in the future for the first couple of weeks. I vegged my plant for five weeks then switched to 12 12. I read somewhere that was the least amount of time necessary. I got five ounces off four plants. Had I let my ladies veg for a longer period of time I would have had a much high yield.


If you want seedlings to really get going good, I suggest you get Rapid Rooter pods from Amazon for around $17.

There are a few of us here that use them and they are almost magic if you keep them moist.
Seedlings can be under 24/0 light for the first week or two.

This White Widow auto is 12 days old and was planted in a rapid rooter. It really gives the roots a good start and it’s pretty much foolproof.

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Mind explaining how those work? I use rockwool cubes before putting them in Hydroton.

When you say the least amount of time in veg, do you mean how soon can you flip to flower? If so, after the plant has 3 or 4 nodes it sound be capable of flowering.

If you’re going hydro, you probably won’t need them. They will work to get your plant started good in a starter tray under a dome. They will have the roots poking out in a few days.

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They work the similar. Rapid rooter holds water same as rockwool. Except rockwool is insulation(gross) and acidic

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