Is it my turn to fight the mite?

Just noticed these spots now, and only on this plant

no webs, eggs or mites are visible

…any input?

The plant is a cash crop AF, I have two, and just now I noticed similar spots on the other that didn’t seem apparent when I looked earlier, just like the other they basically came up today… I guess it’s genetics (kinda thought they look too big to be mite damage)

well, I don’t know what the hell else to think about this, I guess I’m relieved

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Is it for sure mites? And if so have you gotten rid of them. Seems like everything. I try for pest does not work. IvE use ff and an organic 3 in one for mold and bugs. Works awesome for white cotton but sux for bugs

Ph fluctuations will cause same spots when’s the last time you checked your run off? you recently transplanted right? the change in media will cause some stress

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No to both, it’s got to be that one particular strain, they’re both cash crop AFC and they both demonstrated spots within 24 hours of each other.

I think it’s strange, I don’t recall ever seeing anything like this but when the other one showed spots too I have to think it’s got something to do with genetics?

I just checked and it hasn’t changed or progressed at all so I’m hoping and thinking that I dodged the bullet

Not sure about it.

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