Is it me or is she depressed


2nd day with new lights. Not sure if she likes it. Kinda “droopy” this morning. Final watering with nutes one today.

Any opinions? Suggestions?
Thank in advance.
Kathy aka Growin Grandma! :smoking:


Looks like overwatering symptoms, especially if you just watered, makes me think it is more for sure. Let her dry out another day or so before you water next time.


Looks a lot like when mine was root bound. Maybe time to move up to a 5 gal. I reccomend a fabric pot like smart pot or phat sack. Good luck!


Yea she looks to be root bound
I second the 5 gallon fabric pot


I can’t transplant her now… Right? What can I do to help her??


It’s not root bound, you’re overwatered 100% I mean you could possibly be rootbound but you can grow a rootbound plant no problems from seed to harvest, your plant will just stay a little smaller.


Overwatered plants are pretty easy to tell from their leaf structure, it’s an arching droop. They do like a half arch downwards, if you google overwatered cannabia, you will see many examples that look like yours.


OMG!!! Thanks… I was absolutely broken hearted. No fluids for a couple days.


Make sure you get a good watering schedule down. I water mine every 2 days now. That will help ensure you dont overwater/underwater.
You can just water a day later than you usually do now. If you notice before you water your plants drooping, it’s due to being underwater, and you know you need to water a little sooner.
At first it’s a little harder to gauge it, but once you get a good schedule down it becomes very routine.


I would def try to adjust your water schedule first. If you are still experiencing droopiness you should consider checking her root ball.
My plant was showing identical issues

This is what I found. After transplant she perked right up