Is it Male or Female?

Green Crack Clone
Male or Female?
Or is it too early to tell.



Was the parent a female or a male? It will be the same.

If your plant is large enough, you can take a small clone (clipping) from it, put it into flower, and the clipping will show you sex if you don’t know what the parent was.


It will be as the mother plant :seedling: was! Looks female to me

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Thats what I was thinking it looks like those are pistols but the camera just got a up close pic @Caosred

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If you cloned a female plant then all of the clones are female. Did you sex the “Mothers” before you cloned them?

For sure ayyy

Agree with @bob31
Clones will be whatever the plant theyvcame From was
Did you hit this clone or was it gifted
Or as bob asked did you not floweevthe moth plant ?

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It was cloned from a female plant. Flowering now. Thanks for the insights.

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