Is it Leaf Septoria?

Good evening y’all. These spots appeared and affect most of the plants leaves. I feed them regularly so I can’t see it being a note deficiency. It had also transferred to a lower branch on an an adjacent Thinking maybe leaf septoria. Wondering if my best course might be to pull her from the garden?

Doesn’t appear to be that to me. It usually starts with tiny brown spots

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On the backside of the leaf the spots center is smaller and rust coloured

Is it spreading is it on just the one leaf. Can you get a whole plant pic

Its showing on most of the leaves. And it had transferred to a few leaves on an adjacent plant.
Strain: Gorilla Zkittlez
Using 30 gallon Rhizopots

Medium: soil enriched with Blood, Bone meal and EWC
Water every 2nd day with P.H adjusted (6.25) well water that bypasses the softener
I feed them every 2nd watering with liquid nutes
Grow A 1-5-8 Mag 0.8% (soluble) Boron 0.011% Molybdenum 0.002%
Grow B 5-0-2 Calcium 3.8% Manganese 0.025% (Chelated) Iron 0.08% (chelated) Zinc 0.009% (chelated) Copper 0.001% (chelated) Mag 0.3% Soluble

Can be found on most of the leaves.

Gorilla Zkittlez

What I see looks more like white spots. Leaf Septoria degrades the leaves quickly. They get brown spots turn yellow wither up and die. The leaves start rapidly dying and falling off the plant.

I think you have a nutrient issue of some type.

Not seporia. Thats usually caused when leaves are touching and not enougn circulation passing through: get some Maxi Grow. Had a similar problem added maxi grow ( npk booster) and some Fish Shit (actual brand name). Its an uptake inhibitor for nutes. It fixed my issues. Hope it works .